Styles can be overkill

In a previous post (Marker points on Arc) I have a widget which is made up of 5 different arc objects. Each arc is a different colour and as far as I am aware the only way to achieve this is to create 5 different style objects and set the line colour property of each before assigning it to the arc.

The issue is that each style is 88 bytes, multiply that by the 5 arcs and now 440 bytes have been used, just to set the colour of each!

Have I missed a trick or is this currently the only way?

If so i would be great if objects appearance could be directly overridden within the object itself.

That’s correct. However, the average project using LittlevGL should be able to afford 440 bytes, so I don’t think the memory usage is that concerning at present.

I was considering to have an opportunity to overwrite some not size-changing style properties in the object directly. E.g. colors, radius, border properties, opacity, etc.

I keep in mind that there was request for it.