Style set margin in V8

In v7 exist set outside margins for obj, howto do this in V8?

@kisvegabor is this in 8 replaced with

lv_obj_align_to(obj_to_align, obj_referece, LV_ALIGN_..., x, y)

or exist margins set as in 7 ?
I need place in parent more cild with defined spaces between objects. xy isnt good for this situation.

In v8 margin was really removed. You can do these instead:

  • Set padding on the parent
  • Use lv_obj_set_style_translate_x to offset the widget
  • Use lv_obj_align_to as @Marian_M suggested

Adding back margin was requested from several sources and it’s already added again in v9. We are planning to release v9 by the end of this year.