Street Sense - an air/noise sensor using LittlevGL/MicroPython

I am working on an air and noise pollution sensor called Street Sense that uses LittlevGL to drive the graphics display. All the coding is done in MicroPython. I use the MicroPython binding by @amirgon (Big thanks Amir!).
Street Sense on Hackaday IO

Here is a project log entry describing how LittlevGL came to my rescue when I was switching to a MicroPython port that lacked a strong graphics library for TFT displays.
LittlevGL with MicroPython

The project was recently featured by the Canadian public broadcaster called the CBC:
CBC news story

The interviewer really liked the decibel meter screen. I used a huge 120 pt font for the measurement and the screen changes to a red background when the sound reading exceeds 85 dbA. Very effective to get the attention of an interviewer.


Very cool!

Try the Chart widget.
Could be useful for visualizing change over time, and it really looks nice.

Great project!
Thanks for sharing! :+1: