Stop horizontonal overflow scrolling in a list

I have an lv_list with buttons. The width of the list is smaller than some of the button labels. This by default (in LVGL9) scrolls the text horizontal constantly, with no user input. I want to turn this off. I can’t seem to find any way to do this, any help?

In micropython lvgl9:

list = lv.list(group)
list.add_button(lv.SYMBOL_PLUS, "Long button text that overflows")

I finally figured this out. I haven’t seen this documented anywhere, and the micropython bindings don’t export the right enum, but you can do

list = lv.list(group)
button = list.add_button(lv.SYMBOL_PLUS, "long button text that will scroll")
label = button.get_child(1)
label.set_long_mode(0) # wrap
label.set_long_mode(4) # clip 
label.set_long_mode(3) # scroll, the default