STM32H747I Discovery - STM32H747 Dual core MCU LVGL port

Maybe someone will be useful my STM32H747I-DISCOVERY port.
Work on M7 core (400MHz)
MaxSpb69/STM32H747I_Disco_LVGLport (


Thanks for sharing! Could you take a video the see the performance?

Sorry for poor video quality.

Thank you!

The performance seems a little bit low becasue I got something similar with a 200MHz STM32F769.

I’ve two ideas to speed it up:

  • Use -O3 instead of -Og
  • Use larger draw buffers

Yes, not impressive in performance due to the specific display with internal memory and line-by-line buffer flush to the display.
The bottleneck is not the processor core speed, but the display. For this reason, the performance remains the same on a processor that is twice as fast. The display on STM32F769-Disco board is exactly the same.
Probably if using DMA2D for display update, performance will increase many times. In the next version I will try …