STM32F769DISCO is supported?


I have purchased a STM32F769DICO.
This card is supported by lv_micropython ?

Thank you

I believe the board is supported by MicroPython itself, however, you would need to add display driver logic to get it working with LVGL, as I don’t think upstream MicroPython ships with display support for this board.


Today micropython is works

make BOARD=STM32F769DISC ... ok

but when i build in

make BOARD=STM32F769DISC ... error



there is only BOARD=STM32F7DISC that works (µC = stm32F746) but is wrong target

Thank you

Yes; as I mentioned, additional logic needs to be added for F769 to work. I believe F429 and F746 are the only supported STM32 boards at the moment.

I think there are two separate issues here.

  • The board itself is supported by micropython, so should also be supported by lv_micropython.
    STM32F769DISC board appears on lv_micropython so it’s not clear to me why make BOARD=STM32F769DISC fails. I would expect it to compile and run, although without display driver so it wouldn’t be able to actually display anything.
  • Only STM32F7DISC has LVGL display driver (as of today), so someone would need to write/port a display driver for STM32F769DISC

Thank you for your response. There is a video youtube

I suppose that a driver is already exist ? no ?

Thank you

If a driver exists, you just need to compile it with LVGL and Micropython.
You probably also need to add a small wrapper to provide a Micropython API (at least to init/deinit the driver).

That video is using the C driver.

Ok thank you,

The driver C can be convert in micropython ? I have like to try but i don’t know how to start.
Where to find this C driver ?

Thank you

Probably here:

Yes, you need to build it with lv_micropython and create some (thin) micropython API to it.
You can look at the STM32F7DISC micropython port as an example.
The Micropython wrapper is hiding in modrk043fn48h.c. (Look for MP_REGISTER_MODULE)

You can find more information here:

I am also curious about this, unfortunately do not have time right now with other work projects, but running LVGL on a STM32H7 (NXP iMX RT MCUs would be nice but not directly supported by Micropython) with the direct RGB interfaces would be a very interesting combination for me. I would really like supporting up to 1280x800 resolution.