STM32F469 Discovery - battery powered remote device


today I received STM32F469 Dicovery kit. I was able to pull all necessary files, compiled it and run demo. I must say that I love LittlevGL and I would for sure participate on some kind of popularisation activities - articles, maybe some videos in near future.

However did anyone tried to make a battery powered device from this kit? Just print 3D enclosure, add battery + charging and power management chip and it’s done! I think it must be possible - just to turn of unused peripherals (SDCARD, AUDIO, QSPI, and find a way how to turn off display with touch panel still active (after quick schematic check I think I should be able to turn off backlight at least,…) For my project is important to create diagnostic unit which can work like 4-6 hours of continuous work.

Does anyone have an experience with project like this?

From what I found the LittlevGL example uses MCU + SDRAM + DISPLAY (display controller, touch controller) - is that correct?

Hope you are all safe these days!

You can also set the MCU to sleep when the display is inactive for a given time.
Check the Sleep managment of the LittlevGL.

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That would be awesome! :slight_smile:

For battery management, some improvements have already happened in dev-7.0 branch.
See the topic: Event based indev (input device) data processing