Stm32 FreeRTOS LittleVgl

I try connet freeRtos and LittleVgl. i changed in lv_conf.h;


define LV_MEM_CUSTOM_ALLOC pvPortMalloc

define LV_MEM_CUSTOM_FREE vPortFree

but now i get error tick and stop program why ? what are there i do missing?

Is it the first project where you use FreeRTOS? (Means have you some experience with FreeRTOS?)
Is your FreeRTOSConfig.h properly set up?
What do you mean with ‘get error tick’?
What do you mean with stop program? Stops it with hard fault error?
When does it stop? Right on starting up? Or later?
Did you get something on the display?
Compiles your program without warning?

i first project with freeRtos tes i get HardFault_Handler. program is stop. I didnt get anytihng on screen.

Unfortunately there is not enough information for us to be able to help you. All I can suggest is to use a debugger and find where the crash happens.

I do not know what kind of board you have.
Also we are not knowing about your programming experience.

For unexperienced programming skills:
I suppose there are some example projects for that board.
Start from low level. From simple examples.
Try to compile and run the examples.
Maybe there are also examples with FreeRTOS.
Go step by step. If low level is working, add some more code. E.g. FreeRTOS.
Add a simple task which do nothing more than looping.
Try to get some experience with debugging. Use the debugger. Use breakpoints, use single stepping.
Try to find out til which code point is everything ok.

For experienced programming skills:
In HardFault_Handler you can read processor registers which holds information about the kind of hardfault, and at which address it occurred.

Hardfault error are mostly pointer error. Null pointer, or wrong pointer arithmetics. Pointing to illegal memory locations.

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