Stable *.bin firmvare for ESP32 3.5 TFT ILI9488 Touch

Hello, I have struggling a lot with built LVGL firmware for micropython ESP32. Im 3D graphic guy, not programmer, but I really want to know, how tu build my own firmware for future. Im working on Windows, and no luck after 3 days (:smile: I tryed ESP-IDF v5.1.1, error about missing some components (esp_timer, driver) and In some ESP32 readme I found, that micropython is supported only on v ESP-IDF v4.xx so I started to experiment with it, no succes so far. Then I switch to VirtualBox Ubuntu, in some instalation packages I got error again, so I cant even start play with ESP-IDF. As you can understant, it is complicated for me and looks like I have to have luck with mathching versions of different programs - packages. I have standart board ESP32 3.5 TFT ILI9488 Touch ft6236. If theres some good person, who can generate for me *.bin file LVGL + ESP32, Ill be very happy. I believe that for experienced user it is matter of โ€œminutesโ€. I will still try to find my way, how to do it in Win. Thanks a lot, cant wait to start build my Old school Infotainment for my offgrid Trout hunter VW T3 (:smile:

you are going to want to use WSL to compile it and to flash the firmware to the board.