Squareline Studio - custom themes

Hey there,

we are doing the first tests with LVGL to evlauate usage in future pojects. So far it’s pretty straigt forward and Squareline Studio is a great and easy tool that is inteded to be used by our designers.

We have created custom themes that are currently applied on LVGL outside of the generated code from Squareline Studio.
How can custom themes by synchronized between the application and Squareline Studio?
Is there a possibility to import custom themes into Squarline Studio?

Does someone have information on this?

I’ve interest on this too. Any news?

We have dropped the idea of themes as with components you can achieve the same result and even more in a much simpler way.

So I suggest taking a look at the components.

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Thanks for the reply.
A component can only be created on a base object and not on a screen level. Does that mean I need to wrapp all content in a custom created panel component?

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You can create a components from any widget. E.g. from a slider or label too.