Some questions about tabview slide animations

When abview’s TAB view was in {0,0}, I tried to swipe to the right, but there was no sliding effect. This was not the case in v6.1. When I upgraded to v7.2, I noticed this difference.

Does this also happen in the PC simulator? Could you provide a code sample to reproduce the issue?

Yes, the same is true in the computer emulator. I will show the difference between 7.2 and 5.3 in the emulator. 6.1 and 5.3 are the same.I wanted to upload GIF animation, but as a new user, I could only upload images. When the tabview TAB was in {0,0}, I tried to slide to the right, and I could see that there was scrolling effect on 5.3, but not on 7.2. The effect between different versions was as follows:

I think I understand now. There’s no longer any elasticity at the edges of the tab view. This might have been a deliberate tradeoff to simplify the code - I’d have to compare the 5.3 and 6.1 implementations to see.

Is there any way to restore elasticity to the edges of tabbed views on version 7.2?

Yes, that’s case. It was trade off to keep code more simple.

In v8 (planned to September/October) scrolling is reworked it will work again.

Great, looking forward to v8! :grinning: