Some problems I encountered when constructing menu GUI on a monochrome screen

I encounted some problems when constructing menu GUI on a monochrome screen, I summarize them here.
I want to have such a GUI looking:
I created a lv_win on the screen with title ‘Main Menu:’, and then created a lv_list in the lv_win with four items as sub-menu and make the lv_list hide its borders.

  1. the lv_list can not be scrolled up/down by using functions lv_list_up/down;
  2. the lv_list’s elements can not be selected by using function lv_list_focus_btn(), when I used lv_list alone and selected the element(the last one) out of view, the lv_list would scroll to show it automatically and now it don’t do like that way.
  3. when I set the lv_list position, is the position related to its container(the lv_win)? I tried to set several different postions and there was no differences.
  4. because I use physical button to select sub-menu, I want to select lv_list’s element by its index, is it possible?
    Thank you very much!


Please send a minimal code to reproduce the issue. lv_list_up/down should work.

lv_list_focus_btn add LV_STATE_FOCUSED to the button. Is there something in your styles to show the focused state?

It’s relative to the content area. (the area below the header where to content really is)

No API function for this. If you have only a few buttons you can store them in an array and us the index on this array.

Thanks, sorry for responsing so late.