Some Arabic character seems to display uncorrectly

We’re using LVGL v8.1.0. There is an arabic word رائع ,unicode array of the word is 0x631 0x627 0x626 0x639. In LVGL, the word seems to display uncorrectly, as follow:

After some debugging in source code, we found that in lv_txt_ap.c, the 4th item in the array ap_chars_map may cause the problem. After we change the 4th item value from:
{4, 0xFE8A, 1, 2, -1, {1, 0}}, // ئ
{4, 0xFE8A, 1, 2, -1, {1, 1}}, // ئ
then LVGL can display the correct form of the word, as follow:

But we’re not familiar with arabic language ourselves, and the change of the ap_chars_map may cause other errors if we’re not correct about the change.

Anyone konws whether we’re doing it right or not?
Thank you!