Solaris - Indoor Vertical Farming Systems

I’ve been using LVGL a long time ago since the name still LittleVGL, used for personal and also for client projects.

Here is the newest project that still in progress using LVGL as a GUI engine for Hyperion.
Hyperion is the controller and monitor device for Solaris - Indoor Vertical Farming Systems:

I’m sorry because for now only available in Bahasa Indonesia language, but you can see how Hyperion in action powered by LVGL:



It looks very professional and complex. Great work! :+1:

Can you tell some technical details? E.g. type of MCU, resolution, interface between the MCU and display.

During the development were there any difficulties with LVGL? Missing features, bugs, etc.

MCU is STM32F767 with external SDRAM in 16bit FMC interface.
Display using 5" IPS 800x480 pixel resolution, hardware connected in RGB888 LTDC with DMA2D active but I’m only using 16bit mode since 24bit still not natively supported in LVGL.
Using FreeRTOS for separating processes between multiple sensors processing tasks and GUI.
Using External SDRAM for LVGL memory pool so internal SRAM only used for display buffer.

Have some difficulties with memory management when FatFS fail to work with LVGL, also some problem with optimization when memory pool is placed in external SDRAM, but that problem is solved with correct MPU Config.

Missing features still can be added by myself, like when I need to use the color spectrum chart. Thanks to letting LVGL still open source :slight_smile:
There is still have some bug but I’m not yet sure it’s an LVGL problem or my brain problem :rofl:

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Cool, thanks for the sumamry. :slight_smile: