[sloved] "lv_img_decoder_set_custom" can't find this api prototype

Hi, In blog Use PNG images in LittlevGL

The method register the decoder functions in LittlevGL using function

lv_img_decoder_set_custom(decoder_info, decoder_open, NULL, decoder_close);

but I search all the lvgl repo can not find it , What is the prototype of this function?

 // Register the PNG decoder functions in LittlevGL
void png_decoder_init(void)
    lv_img_decoder_t * dec = lv_img_decoder_create();
    lv_img_decoder_set_info_cb(dec, decoder_info);
    lv_img_decoder_set_open_cb(dec, decoder_open);
    lv_img_decoder_set_close_cb(dec, decoder_close);

may be it should like this.

Please fill out the template (don’t remove parts of it).

The second post looks like the correct way to do it. The reason you can’t find the function is because that blog post was written for v5.2 but the latest version is v6.0.

I’ve updated the post:

You should check this part of the docs for up to date information: