Slider sensitivity region, how to make slider thicker

I put lvgl on a 800x480 lcd with resistive touch. I have sometimes trouble selecting the sliders for dragging. In the default slider, how accurately must I get to the horizontal line and the circle to move it? Is there a way to make the slider thicker or react to a larger surface so I don’t have to be that precise on the touching?

I made lvgl run on half the screen. On the bottom half, I can see where I touch because I put in my code a function call to the driver below to leave a little dot. On the top half where I have lvgl manage the screen, my code leaves a little dot most of the time but gets painted over soon after. I may be slightly off in the calibration for the top half because my dot appears just a tiny bit above where I touch.


The slider sensitivity region is controlled here based on the provided DPI in lv_conf.h. So, you can either adjust the DPI, or call this function yourself with larger values.