Simulator in kdeveleop

Hi, I am tootally new to LittlevGL. It looks promising to me. I would like to write an embedded app that is targetted for an RPi 2 or 3. It should setup the control of a camera to film sports games.

I have a long break in coding in C++, did some technical apps and data acquision stuff. To refresh my coding knowledge I started off Kdevelop. I think it is quite handy. However Kdevelop is not among the supported IDE’s. I searched the web, so far nobody seems to have used Kdevelop with LittlevGL. I am willing to put an effort in getting it up and running, provided, there is any chance to get it done.

So, Is there a chance, to get it up and running with Kdeveleop?
Hints, where and how to start?


LittlevGL does not depend on any particular IDE or build system. You just need to add it to the compiler’s include path (so the headers are available) and ensure all the C files in the source directory are compiled.

OK, thanks a lot for the valuable info. My question was more regarding the simulator and how it could be integrated in a Kdevelop based toolchain. I’ll be back if I encounter problems.