Simulator examples with file

Bonjour ,
how to test the examples (top right tab) with [MicroPython with LittlevGL 7.11] ?
with image or file , issues !
one trick ?
Thanks a lot

I recommend you run examples with v8.
v7 simulator does not support PNG decoding if I remember correctly.

If you check out v8 docs you’ll find direct links to the simulator on every example!

Look for this:

Here is a v8 example that uses an image: LVGL/MicroPython Simulator

As you can see, the image is read directly from GitHub relative to the same directory where the script is. You can also provide absolute paths by providing a fully qualified URL as the file path.

If you would like to try the examples on lv_binding_micropython/examples at master · lvgl/lv_binding_micropython · GitHub then you may need to change them a little - replace the driver initialization, replace file paths, etc.
Not all of these can run on the simulator. For example and are not supported by the simulator.

Here is a simulator link for a modified

@embeddedt - maybe it’s best to replace the href of the “examples” link on the top right of the simulator. Maybe simply to

This is changed now.

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