Simple demo for esp32 + ili9341 + touch?

Is there a simple demo that shows this “basic” configuration in action so one can easily get started and check that the HW is connected correctly? Something simple, like a button one can press and see something happen…

You can try the generic examples; I think they are compatible with ESP32.

They’re rather confusing 'cause they use ILI9341 while the recommended default use is now ili9341… I ended up doing double init which caused a firmware crash and sent me down a rather unproductive path…
Also, I tried example2, which has inline image data, and I eventually got an image, but it was just noise…

Hi @tve,
You can try
It uses ili9341 and xpt2046 python drivers when running on esp32. You can also run it on the Linux port and very recently stm32 was also added.

For a simpler example, just displaying a button, you can load the driver by (change it to match the correct pins of your hardware) and run something like

scr = lv.obj()
btn = lv.btn(scr)
btn.align(scr, lv.ALIGN.CENTER, 0, 0)
label = lv.label(btn)
label.set_text('Hello World!')