Show & Tell - ESP32 3.5" TFT touchscreen project

Hello all from New Zealand,
I’ve made a little video to show you all the current state of my project using LittlevGL…

(just listened to this, sorry about my sniffs! Hayfever season just started :slight_smile: )

The interface is currently functional but not particularly beautiful. next items for this project are:

  • Adding range slider when v7.0 released
  • Styling overhaul - I want to create a fresh, light style to make my interface look and feel similar to modern cellphone apps .

Anyone out there has any thoughts, ideas, suggestions, i’d love to hear from you.

Thanks to everyone but especially kisvegabor and embeddedt for their never-ending patience. I’ve been learning C at the same time as LittlevGL so it’s been a learning curve!


Good worked…

About this 3.5" touch-screen, do you have the link of the TFT ?
Thank you.

I’m using this TFT

and the TFT_eSPI library

Pinout to the ESP32 (with HSPI set to active in User_setup.h on TFT_eSPI library) is:
T_IRQ - No connection
T_DO - 12 (MISO)
T_DIN - 13 (MOSI)
T_CS - 33
T_CLK - 14
SDO(MISO) - No Connection
LED - 3.3V
SCK - 14
SDI(MOSI) - 13
DC - 21
CS - 15
GND - gnd
VCC - 3.3V

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It looks good ! good job @flossandmeditate

We try to keep the development branch reasonably stable. If you want, you can checkout the dev-7.0 branch and start working with the range slider. It also gives us one more person testing the changes in advance. :wink:

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Cool OK i’ll do that, now i better learn how to use github :slight_smile:

Looks like i might need a DUMMIES GUIDE to get the updated v7.0 branch with all the files needed.

  • If LittlevGL is installed as a proper git repository, change to its directory and run git fetch followed by git checkout dev-7.0. It should update seamlessly for the most part.

  • If you downloaded a ZIP manually, choose the dev-7.0 branch on the main page and download a new ZIP.

Trying v7.0… I’m getting the following error…
lib/lvgl/src/lv_api_map.h:16:23: fatal error: lvgl/lvgl.h: No such file or directory

I think you need to add the parent directory of lvgl (in your case, lib) to the include path.

Got it working by updated line 16 of lv_api_map.h from
#include "lvgl/lvgl.h"
#include "lvgl.h"

Everything seems to be looking good, styling a bit wonky with my sliders but not major.

Is documentation written alongside the new code or do you just write that up on release?

Does it happen to be related to this problem?

We usually work on documentation closer to when the release date approaches, but there’s no real reason why we couldn’t start earlier.

I’m not sure which is correct. lvgl/lvgl.h is used in several other places within the code as well. Maybe it’s an issue of where the includer is located?

Personally, I don’t start to work on the docs earlier because it’s possible that the same thing will change twice.

As it’s lvgl.h has fix position in the lvgl folder I’ve modified the include path to ../lvgl.h

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Which capacitive panel are you using? It looks like a resistive one.

The touch panel is the one that comes with this…
Working pretty well for me…