Share widgets across screens

Is there a way to share objects/widgets across multiple screens?

In my use-case I have multiple screens.
On every screen I have a navigation bar and a couple of icons that show various device states.

Creating same objects for each screen and adding same callback functions etc. is not ideal but workable.
Where the headache starts is when you have to keep all the icons (that show device states) in sync across multiple screens.

Is it possible to create a shared object that can be assigned to a screen before it’s drawn?
Essentially have one instance of navbar and then assign it to screen x before loading that screen.

I have tried creating a button and then before switching screen calling lv_obj_set_parent and also lv_obj_move_foreground but nothing gets drawn on the screen.

Is there a recommended way to share objects/widgets across multiple screens?

Do you want to say like this:lvgl的UI设计_哔哩哔哩_bilibili

Maybe Tile view can help you