Select the text using button

Hello everyone,
I’m using LVGL for my project. I have buttons and a text area. I want to use these button to select the text in the text area instead of mouse. My purpose is I click the Enter button and then the text inside the textarea select. After that, the user can edit the text inside it. I read the API but I can’t find the function that I want. Can anybody give me some suggestions?
I’m looking forward to seeing your repy as soon as possible.
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The textarea is made up of label and page, so you can use the label API in the textarea,

First you need to uselv_obj_t * lv_textarea_get_label(const lv_obj_t * ta)To get the label object frome the textarea, and then use lv_label_set_text_sel_startlv_obj_t *label ,uint32_t index )And lv_label_set_text_sel_endlv_obj_t *label ,uint32_t index )To select the text

Tks, I got it. Tks a lot