Scrollbar customize

Maybe we can add an argument to draw scroll-bar at right or left of the page ?

In creating 2 scrollbar, one empty and the real one and linked page’s object together, i think it can works but it won’t be really “clean” :laughing:

Hmmm, I don’t really understand the purpose of it. Could you add an image or a sketch?


as far as i understood :roll_eyes:, we cannot draw the bar on the left of a page, if you set it visible it will be draws on the right, isn’t ? like this:

It would be nice to draw easily on the left:

Maybe i missed something :slight_smile:

For now, i see only two solutions:

  • create 2 pages 1 empty on left and the real one, add container into and link both container (same vertical order left to right) and set scrollbar visible on left page to got it on the left of my real page.

  • Catch into your code when you draw it and change x position.

Got it. I should be easy to add this feature.
But can you describe a case when it was required to move the scrollbar to the left?

I’m working on an industrial project where design could be … let’s say “different” :sweat_smile:

i can have this kind of menu:

submenus are long enough to trigg animation right/left when selected.
For designers, scroll bar on left could be better than the usual one, so …

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Got it. I’ll look into it a little bit later.

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