Running LVGL Effect on AllWinner R128 Chip

R128 is a highly integrated wireless audio SoC with high performance. It features a XuanTie RISC-V CPU, a HiFi5 DSP, an Arm M33 star MCU, an 802.11b/g/n WLAN & Dual-mode Bluetooth subsystem, a Voice & Audio CODEC subsystem, and a Power Management Unit (PMU). RISC-V C906 CPU and HiFi5 DSP provide powerful and energy-efficient computing power for applications and audio processing respectively. R128 integrates 3 differential ADCs and 2 differential DACs and can be applied to microphone array-based voice recognition and stereo audio playback solutions. Wi-Fi and bluetooth enable R128 to implement various network applications with an exclusive antenna for each to simultaneously transmit and receive data on 2.4 GHz. R128 also integrates a JPEG encoder, a RGB
display engine, and a 2D graphics acceleration system, making it possible to achieve some display



It seems that the UI interaction is quite smooth :+1:. Is there any adaptable G2D rendering acceleration interface?

It looks great! What is core frequency of the MCU?

R128 supports G2D, however, G2D was not used in the video. R128 docs:

R128 features a XuanTie RISC-V CPU, a HiFi5 DSP, an Arm M33 star MCU:

- XuanTie 64 bit RISC-V C906 CPU , up to 480 MHz
- HiFi5 Audio DSP up to 400 MHz
- Arm M33 Star MCU , up to 192 MHz

video effect running on C906 CPU (480 MHz)

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