Run LittlevGL via PlatformIO


I have downloaded lv_platformio_master and followed the instructions to set up my Windows 11 PC.

I am able to run the included lv_demo_widgets() just fine.

Now I want to run one of the other demos. I have tried editing the lv_conf.h file but it is not working.
" implicit declaration of function ‘lv_demo_music’ [-Wimplicit-function-declaration]
25 | lv_demo_music();"

I can’t find any doco that heads me in the right direction. Can anybody help.

Thanks in advance.

this is not normal usage steps.
LVGL is lib and adding into your empty new platformio project you can over home page or editing ini file. Simply add line for lib deps. But this all only prepare lib to use, real project is your job.

For example

lib_deps = 
	moononournation/GFX Library for Arduino@^1.3.1


I already have that in my platformio.ini

lib_deps = 
	moononournation/GFX Library for Arduino@^1.3.6