Rotation 90° object

Dear All,
I am using LVGL 7.10.1 and I am using IDO-SMLCD72-V1-2EC of industio.
How can I rotate all object(the screen )of 90°?
Thanks in advance
Francesco Puglese

Hello ,
I think you can creat one canvas , put all object on canvas. Then rotate the canvas.

In v7 it’s really complicated. In v8 you could use lv_obj_set_style_transform_angle(obj, 900, 0);.

Can i implement a flush callback ? Is there an example?
Let me know please
Francesco Pugliese

So would you like to rotate the whole display and not only a single object?

I ’ d know both. Can you help me please? Let me know please
Francesco Pugliese

In v7 object rotation is not really an option. You can rotate only images.

Regarding screen rotation, you check out this page.