Rotating a switch widget works in 8.3.6 but switch disappears after upgrading to 8.3.11

Placed a switch widget on a screen using Squareline Studio 1.3.4. Was using lvgl 8.3.6 in Arduino IDE 2.2.1. Target is Elecrow Terminal using ESP32-S3 with 3.5" 320x480 TFT.
Since Squareline Studio does not have a provision for rotating the switch 90deg, I added a style to the switch with lv_style_set_transform_angle and rotated it 90deg. Worked fine in 8.3.6. Upgraded to 8.3.11 today and the switch disappeared. The rest of the project works as before. The switch seems to still be there but invisible. Touching the screen where the switch should be invokes the proper response. Checked the HIDDEN flag and also made sure it was still placed on the active screen. No problems there. If I simply remove the transform command, it comes back. I don’t think the API has changed for that command between the versions. Didn’t see any need to post a bunch of code since it works in 8.3.6. Any insights?