Rotate image image in the Z-direction

Is there a facility in lvgl to rotate image in the z-direction to mimic 3D rotation ?

3D transforms are not supported in LVGL at the moment.

thanks. I saw the transform and thought that may apply to 3D rotation.

We are implementing the 3D animation widget for LVGL, the idea is to transform the selected image to a set of images according to user’s setting of 3D effect (X,Y, Z rotation, frame rate, etc), and then the animated image widget( can be used to display. The development is still ongoing.

that is a cost on memory. what i was trying to do is to animate the logo like a rotating coin.

In v9, I’m planning to add this feature (and improve the image transformations in general).

Until that, you can use lv_canvas to make the transformation. For a rotating coin you can do a simple trick: on the first frame copy the whole coin to the canvas, on the next frame skip some columns, on the next skip more columns, etc.

Thanks. I managed to make it work, but using cos is smoother

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Is there any example of this in forum or anything like this?