Rotate GUI for 180 degree


I ran lvgl by means of DMA and also DMA2D. Is it possible to rotate the whole screen by 180 degrees while we use DMA and DMA2D too?

What MCU/Processor/Board and compiler are you using?

stm32f429, gcc

What do you want to achieve?

rotating screen by 180 degrees while running lvgl by means of dma and dma2d.

It’s something you’ll have to do in your platform’s driver. Usually (in the case where DMA is not used) it can be done by simply flipping the X and Y coordinates.

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In some LCDs, there are 2 pins which determine the direction of a refresh. U/D and L/R pins. Do you mean configuring them?
If yes, I have to say my LCD doesn’t have them.

How you rotate the display is platform-specific. It’s not done by LittlevGL for you right now.

The simplest method is to flip the X and Y coordinates in software. However, I’m not sure how that works with regards to DMA.

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