Roller - Disabling the rolling!

Looking to improve my search results page that may return 100+ results…

I want to add buttons for <Next 10 results> and <Previous 10 results> to navigate and a click to select the row item.

A. Can I disable the rolling on the roller?
B. Can I show no line on the roller as the selected item (so nothing highlighted in blue)

Maybe a list is a better choice for this?

You do lose the infinite scrolling if you switch to a list (just as a heads up). Also, lists consume more memory per item than rollers.

OK so to check i understand what you are suggesting…

Add each search result as a button in my list.
Styled to look less like buttons and more like search results…


To populate the list is there a ‘list_set_options’ command similar to when creating the options in a dropdown?

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Is there something like
to return the text on the button in the list that has been clicked??

My list shows up to 50 search results and changes every time so I can’t imagine having a separate event handler on each button running lv_list_get_btn_text would work for me…

From the link I sent you in the last post:

You can use lv_list_get_btn_label(list_btn) and lv_list_get_btn_img(list_btn) to get the label and the image of a list button. You can get the text directly with lv_list_get_btn_text(list_btn) .

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I’m an eejit.
Alright people, remember to use.

Thanks for your patience embeddedt, it is oh so appreciated.