Rive - Create and ship interactive animations to any platform

Dear @kisvegabor

Do you know about the Rive App?

Take a look this example by @jctoon

This is an example of a state machine that you can use in Android, because the Rive Android runtime now supports state machines. #Bones #Icons #Characters #Android #StateMachine


It’s not clear to me how it compares to rlottie. Do you know it?

There are many ways to create Lottie files.
The most popular is Adobe After Effects.
Rive is the new After Effects for UI and Motion graphic designers.
That the same file generated can be imported and interact with the app natively.

Take a look this example

You can play with the animation with the toggle button in the right panel.

I see. So Rive has its own format but can export to lottie too?

The main developer of Lottie is working officially to Rive to build the export features from Rive to Lottie and Lottie to Rive.

But the idea is to parse the Rive file format and use with LVGL for MCUs.


Got it. Similarly to lv_lib_rlottie just for Rive.

Do have time/interest to try porting Rive to LVGL?

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Yes, I will looking for it.
Rive is very useful in my team.
Any plan for the project management let me know.
Thank you very much.

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Great! Let me know if you need help with the LVGL specific part.