Requesting assistance with hardware selection for a LVGL Beginner

Hello All,

A few years back while working on a Arduino Uno project I ordered a bunch of ILI9488 8 bit parallel displays because they were on sale. While the library they come with worked fine, I no longer use the 8 bit microcontrollers. Since I have these displays in spare, I was planning to buid a Raspberry Pi pico/ ESP32 HAT which can run these parallel pin displays. Having gone through some LVGL threads, I am realising that the recommended displays for LVGL are the ones with SPI port and parallel displays seem to be suffering from a range of issues. While I am hoping I’ll learn more about this library as I continue to work on LVGL based project, i was wondering if someone can comment on my hardware selection and possible issues I may encounter:

  1. Will it be possible to build a “decent” HMI display using Rpi Pico with ILI9488 8-pin parallel display ?
  2. Is TFT_eSPI library by Bodmer the easiest driver library to work with for these displays or should i look for something else ?
  3. Any pitfalls I may encounter while working on this project?

Thanks in advance.

Aliexpress Link to 3.5" Display