[Request] Version Information in lvgl.h or in any main file header

When lvgl is upgraded to the differenct versions,
sometime lvgl’s structures or apis are changed.
(such as version 6.x to version dev-7.0 etc…)

At higher-api project/library that bases on a version of lvgl,
maybe occurs some errors if the project/library want to upgrad to the other version of lvgl.

So the developer can check lvgl’s version
for escaping the errors from lvgl’s differenct changed structures/api,
it’s better if lvgl has version information in lvgl.h or in any main file header too.

( Like lwip library has version information in the init.h file. )

Thank you.

It exists already: https://github.com/littlevgl/lvgl/blob/dev-7.0/src/lv_version.h

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I’ve just found that out. Thank you very much.

@TridentTD I’ve done this because of your suggestion, just haven’t replayed yet. :slight_smile:

Yes, I tried to code by version-info, already worked.

But yesterday I downloaded the lastest dev-7.0
it does’t have lv_version.h again. : D

The definitions were moved to lvgl.h; you no longer need to include lv_version.h.


Thank you.