Request Scrollbar-Mode has another LV_SB_MODE_AUTOHIDE too

Like Google Chrome on Android ,
when user touchs for scrolling the page , the scrollbar will appear
and then for a while when untouching , the scrollbar will disappear.

The adventage is the page will be easy to see the content in the page, when untouching.

Thank you.
and sorry for my poor English.

/** Scrollbar modes: shows when should the scrollbars be visible*/
enum {
    LV_SB_MODE_OFF    = 0x0, /**< Never show scrollbars*/
    LV_SB_MODE_ON     = 0x1, /**< Always show scrollbars*/
    LV_SB_MODE_DRAG   = 0x2, /**< Show scrollbars when page is being dragged*/
    LV_SB_MODE_AUTO   = 0x3, /**< Show scrollbars when the scrollable container is large enough to be scrolled*/
    LV_SB_MODE_HIDE   = 0x4, /**< Hide the scroll bar temporally*/
    LV_SB_MODE_UNHIDE = 0x5, /**< Unhide the previously hidden scrollbar. Recover it's type too*/
typedef uint8_t lv_sb_mode_t;

Isn’t that what LV_SB_MODE_DRAG does? Did you try that?

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Oh , sorry.

Already has this figture.
Great job!

Thank you.