Remove slider background

I’m trying to remove the background for my slider and then change the sliding part of the slider to a triangle. I’ve tried searching the forum and the documentation but can’t find where i should start, any pointers?
I’m still a bit scared of themes, i suppose this is where i’m heading now, eeeek.


I don’t think you will be able to do that without going into the slider code itself and modifying it.

Setting style.body.opa to LV_OPA_TRANSP for the LV_SLIDER_STYLE_INDIC style should work.

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It sounds that you can just use a symbol or image that you can place anywhere. Maybe the images can also be dragged, so they could be used also as an input?

Slider knobs are currently drawn as (rounded) rectangles within the slider implementation, so they can’t be swapped out for an image right now. That would require changes to the slider code.

So the specific problem i was trying to solve with this post is no longer a problem for me…

It will be totally sorted with the range slider widget coming out in v7.0.

Brilliant!!! - Range Slider - Feature Request