Release date for EdgeLine 0.4?

Most important is lifting the resolution restriction; assuming that will be in 0.4, what’s the ETA?

Our company would be interested in a paid license when some of these limitations are removed. The NXP GUI guider tool (related?), isn’t great.

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Yes, the resolution limit will be removed in v0.4.

We are still waiting for some legal stuff before releasing it.

v1.0 is estimated for end of this year.


Any word on 0.4 or v1.0 release

We have moved the (hopefully) final release date of v1.0 to 2022 January.
Sorry for the delay.


What is the plan for 1.0. Running out of January

The very end of January. :slight_smile:
January 31 or at worst February 1.

Or some time in between?

There isn’t much time between January 31 and February 1 :slight_smile:

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