Refresh cursor area

Hello, everyone
in definitions of functions like "lv_chart_set_cursor_point " in lv_chart.c, the whole chart is refreshed, this may not be good because in my case since my chart is big, so refreshing of the whole chart used very CPU power
instead of refreshing the whole chart is there the other way to refresh just the new position of cursor? something like the “invalidate_point” function that is used to draw new data of the chart.

Makes sense. Do you have time and liking to contribute with this update?

hello kisvegabor
I am a beginner in LVGL but I start to understand LVGL code, maybe I can contribute in the future
Forgive me for being late in reply


No problem :slight_smile:

If you are interested in both understanding the internals of LVGL and contributing, I suggest taking a look at this issue:

We’d highly appreciate any help with tests :slight_smile: