Reflow oven control panel with Littevgl

Hello to all,

Really nice job :slight_smile:

Have it running but I have a question… I compiled lv_micropython and tested with mine.
I have a strange behaviours with the fonts of the label inside the buttons. They stay at 28 font.

Can you tell me which version of lvgl you are using? release/v6 is what I tested
Also, perhaps it is related to lv_conf.h or other. I added the fonts _12…_28 and it is working, except for th buttons :frowning:

Can you share the information please? lv_conf.h or any other usefull info used to build micropython?

Thanks a lot.


Hi @dbn,

It’s V6 that I used.

Sorry, I somehow didn’t keep the lv_conf.h file. But by looking at line 617 in, I did set the font size with 28px.

        style_start = lv.style_t()
        lv.style_copy(style_start, lv.style_btn_rel)
        style_start.text.font = lv.font_roboto_28
        start_label = lv.label(start_btn)
        start_label.set_text(lv.SYMBOL.PLAY + ' Start')
        start_label.set_style(lv.label.STYLE.MAIN, style_start)

Have you tried the compiled firmware I included to see if they were same?


Thanks. Yes I saw, and somehow it works also with my compiled uPython.

For the moment have no sensor, but I looked at the code and it should not impcat boot time. Does it also takes more than 30 seconds to show the main screen?

After it runs smooth.



It takes a few seconds to boot, but not that long. I will count the seconds tomorrow and let you know how long my oven takes to boot.

It booted within 10 seconds.

Please what is the touchscreen brand and model you used?