Redefined errors when using lv_conf.h


I am getting a ton(like over 50+) warnings(keyword warnings, not errors) when I create and include my lv_conf.h file. The file works and executes correctly, but I am getting way to many warnings to be able to debug effectively. The warning is a redefined warning, EX: LV_COLOR_16_SWAP redefined here(lv_conf.h), previous definiton located here:(lv_conf_internal.h)

What MCU/Processor/Board and compiler are you using?

ESP32S3 SPI, using ESP32 MCU, running ESP-IDF

What LVGL version are you using?

tried both 8.3.8 and 8.3.3

What do you want to achieve?

To suppress these warnings

What have you tried so far?

many types of suppression, none have worked. Changed location of lv_conf.h to main and include the LV_SIMPLE thing that locates it at main, did not work

Code to reproduce

No code really, more like project structure

Here is an example of the warning output:

In file included from c:\users\admin\documents\sq_project\we_done\we_did_it\components\esp32s3_spi\helper_display.hpp:26,
                 from C:/Users/Admin/Documents/sq_project/we_done/We_Did_It/main/main.hpp:7,
                 from C:/Users/Admin/Documents/sq_project/we_done/We_Did_It/main/main.cpp:11:
C:/Users/Admin/Documents/sq_project/we_done/We_Did_It/main/lv_conf.h:74: warning: "LV_MEMCPY_MEMSET_STD" redefined
   74 | #define LV_MEMCPY_MEMSET_STD 0
In file included from C:/Users/Admin/Documents/sq_project/we_done/We_Did_It/managed_components/lvgl__lvgl/src/misc/lv_log.h:16,
                 from C:/Users/Admin/Documents/sq_project/we_done/We_Did_It/managed_components/lvgl__lvgl/lvgl.h:25,
                 from C:/Users/Admin/Documents/sq_project/we_done/We_Did_It/main/main.cpp:9:
c:\users\admin\documents\sq_project\we_done\we_did_it\managed_components\lvgl__lvgl\src\lv_conf_internal.h:204: note: this is the location of the previous definition

Screenshot and/or video


Hi @Muzgog ,

Do you have the lines:

#ifndef LV_CONF_H
#define LV_CONF_H

at the beginning of your lv_conf.h file


#endif /*LV_CONF_H*/

at the end?

Kind Regards,


Hey Pete, thanks for the reply. Yes I do have those. I copied this straight from lv_conf_template. I’ve done this a million times without issues so I am wondering what I did differently this time.