Recursive edit mode possible?

I’m creating a screen right now that requires a bit of a complex navigate / edit behavior and I’m wondering if I’m missing something about the built in navigate / edit behavior. For control, I have access to an encoder, up / down / left / right buttons, and a back button. The screen contains a matrix of matrices of toggle buttons. The UI behavior I’m trying to create is one where first one can select the base matrix of interest (encoder or direction buttons,) and then click in and select and toggle the buttons inside. Is this too complex for the existing navigate / edit system? I tried having teach button matrix have its own group and switching groups based on selecting a toggle button matrix, but I run into all kinds of weird issues with focus. I added a screenshot of the interface for clarity. Any suggestions or thoughts are welcome.

Screenshot from 2023-07-26 11-23-03

I think I have it figured out. I’m making each block of buttons in the bigger matrix not editable and switching groups between the group for the screen and the group for the button matrix I’m selecting to make it all happen cleanly. There are some wonky issues with focus but I think I’ve found some workarounds for it all.

They key to bypassing edit mode was to clear the scrollable flag. Not intuitive. Use the source, Luke.