Recommended hardware (STM32 preferred)?

Hi all,

I am continuously looking for GUI/display modules I could use for my DIY projects. As examples,

these are Bridgetek/EVE and STemwin running on a STM32 discovery board (forgot which one).
Both are rather tricky to work with so I am looking for alternatives. Nextion receives mixed reviews as well. So here am I looking at LVGL.
As I have a lot of experience with STM32, I’d either look for a STM32 solution (where I already have all set up) or anything else (ESP32/Micropython for example) that would not require installing yet another full-blown IDE (like the Espressif IDF, NXP, Microchip…). ESP32 with a pre-built micropython-lvgl binary (like available for Micropython) would be fine as well.

Which modules (MCU+display) exist that have decent software support? From ST there are four discovery kits (with capacitive touchscreen)

Board Certification Program | From idea to product lists some more boards, mostly NXP that I’d like to avoid.
I also don’t want to design my own board for display interfacing, if possible.
Any suggestions which combination might be easiest to work with? There are a couple of STM32 ports out there, but it is difficult to judge whether they are up to date or just barely working abandonware.
Any recommendations?

Thanks! Martin