Recommended hardware (STM32 preferred)?

Hi all,

I am continuously looking for GUI/display modules I could use for my DIY projects. As examples,

these are Bridgetek/EVE and STemwin running on a STM32 discovery board (forgot which one).
Both are rather tricky to work with so I am looking for alternatives. Nextion receives mixed reviews as well. So here am I looking at LVGL.
As I have a lot of experience with STM32, I’d either look for a STM32 solution (where I already have all set up) or anything else (ESP32/Micropython for example) that would not require installing yet another full-blown IDE (like the Espressif IDF, NXP, Microchip…). ESP32 with a pre-built micropython-lvgl binary (like available for Micropython) would be fine as well.

Which modules (MCU+display) exist that have decent software support? From ST there are four discovery kits (with capacitive touchscreen)

Board Certification Program | From idea to product lists some more boards, mostly NXP that I’d like to avoid.
I also don’t want to design my own board for display interfacing, if possible.
Any suggestions which combination might be easiest to work with? There are a couple of STM32 ports out there, but it is difficult to judge whether they are up to date or just barely working abandonware.
Any recommendations?

Thanks! Martin

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Hello there!
We work here with Proculus displays, they are very good (
Good price and software.

If you’re experienced using STM, then go with TouchGFX. It’s amazing (no offense to LVGL!), the designer is on par/better than Squareline and it’s free even for commercial use. No brainer!

The display interfacing is where it gets difficult.
STM32F7 MCUs are really good for graphics having graphics accelleration etc, but fall down in usability.
The F769 discovery for example is a super capable board but it’s mipi-dsi interface. Mipi to parallel/SPI converters exist but it’s a huge rabbithole of it’s own, with custom firmware & dealing with MOQs from china.

Usability is where esp32+LVGL wins. There are some really nice HMI displays with inbuilt esp32 now, IPS panels, cap touch. But low performance & hardly any IO. So it’s up to you!

I don’t quite understand what you mean with “usability”.
But I agree that STM32 and TouchGFX are a good package, that’s what I used for my last project. It is also far from easy to use, but if you stick to existing, supported boards the whole thing runs out of the box.