Recommendations for creating a function API manual

When I was building UI with LVGL, I often had to check the documentation to find the API I wanted to implement the functionality needed, but it wasn’t easy.So I hope to be able to function API to build into a HTML document, because it has good directory structure, and due to the particularity of LVGL framework, many widgets are there are other widgets, some API function need childwidgets can be achieved, this part is less likely to be found, hopes to highlight the contents of this part of the prompt and link jump.

The above is just my personal opinion, welcome everyone to discuss together.


The API of widgets is included in the docs:

Or do you mean included all the related APIs? E.g. lv_obj_... functions in lv_bar's docs.

I made a simple comparison between the User Manual of STM and the LVGL document. One obvious difference is that I can browse all the APIs in the tree menu on the left, which can quickly locate the functions I want.LVGL is need to scroll to find,if you didn’t carefully enough that will miss the fuction what we want, especially for beginners. I answered some questions on the community recently, mostly don’t know how to implement the features they want, actually these in our document has the corresponding description, of course, there is a certain relationship with they didn’t read the document carefully enough.

Also, the LVGL documentation has very little description of the APIs for the Style and Animation sections, which are often important tools for enhancing the UI.

We use doxygen to generate the API docs and it can generate HTML docs too. It looks like this:

Do you think it’d be useful?

Thanks for the feedback. I’ll take care to improve them.

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yeah,i think it’s better than beffore.

We can host the built HTML files with the docs and the user can download it if they need.

That would be a nice idea.