Read gif from sd and show it to ips

there are two options for reading the gif to the lcd.

  1. from the online converted c array, and add the c array into the project, and read it. for this I can only read png etc, but not gif. maybe because the gif is too large?

  2. I configured file system and sd card driver. now the I can read sd card contents by the library function: readFileline("/xx.txt", 1)…, and then i would like to convert gif to a bin format data and store in the sd card with path: “S:game/game,bin”. and by checking the
    lib_gif, I added two files: lv_gif.c/h and lvdec.c/h. but there are some errors and I cannot read the gif from sd card.

pic 1: the func for reading gif from sd card.

pic 2: the errors when i import the files: gifdec.c/h

some questions:

  1. how to debug these errors?
  2. how to use the function ReadBinFromSD() in sd_card.cpp? because anyway the gif has been converted by me online to bin format already.
  3. how to clear the gif after the gif is finished once or twice?
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