RC plane Transmitter


My R/C plane transmiter build with :

  • Custumized an extended arduino due board,
  • Lvgl 8, navigation with optical decoder and touch screen.
  • ra8875 screen (480*272, 16 bits parallel interface, capacitive touch panel )
  • multi protocol module for HF stage
  • Printed box and accessories

Thank’s to lvgl’s developer for this nice and easy to use Graphic Library. I used it with a basic look because SAM3X8E is a bit limited with relatively low among of memory but that’s enough for a rc tranmitter!!!

Best regards


Very nice job!

I had tried to make a vertical takeoff aircraft that had 4 servos and 3 motors with Arduino Nano and pressure sensor…everything was fine until I started the motors (whose magnetic field disturbed the pressure sensor even though it was shielded).
But the impression was that with the Servo library the poor Arduino Nano couldn’t do it with timers, probably if I had used an ESP32 that works at 240 Mhz and is also supported by the LVGL library maybe it was better…but by now I had converted the plane to a single engine