Question about Windows

I just discovered this library, and I am frankly impressed at the level of detail and craft of it. The fact that it can run in micropython is also great.
Now, I am wondering (because I looked for it but haven’t found anything conclusive): Could it be used to develop UI-s for Windows 10 with regular python 3.7+?
(And for linux/raspberry pi-s?)


This post from @amirgon is a little old but I think it answers your question: Support for Python3

In short, your idea would work with MicroPython, but not regular Python.

I see, thanks!

But in this case, it would be linux+micropython right?
Windows is out of the posibilites, for what I’ve read, right?


We could build Micropython on Widows following the instructions here:

And how is the performance? What are the rendered graphics based on, under the hood?

Looks promising as well.

MicroPython can be built on Windows, and the LVGL bindings can definitely be ported to run in that environment, but currently I do not think building it for Windows will include LVGL, as no one has tested this configuration. (Most users just run it inside a Linux VM for development purposes as their target is an embedded platform.)

In C, the rendered graphics are either based on SDL or the Win32 APIs directly. One of these same drivers would likely be used for MicroPython.

Recently @MouriNaruto has been working hard on improvements to the Win32 API driver and AFAIK it can now handle 1920x1080 rendering with a minimum of 60 FPS.