QML + Littlevgl running on MCU

Here is my personal project which allows to use QML to build UI on MCU.

QML usually comes with QT, but I just rewrite the whole engine and let it run in MCU. Ideally most of Language like Python, JS, Lua could be used to program MCU. The engine’s name is temporarily called EVM (Embedded virtual machine):grinning:


So lvgl will he used to render the UI created by QML?

It is very intersting to me, how can we build and try EVM?

Yep, the UI is created by QML which is slightly different with the QT’s QML. Most of keywords directly come from lvgl’s keywords.

It’s not been published yet. I will let u know when it’s published.

Keep in touch

I’m also very curious about!

It’s still an experimental version and a lot of work needs to be done before publishing. Here is an example of smart watch written in QML and the GUI engine is littlevgl.


It looks really impressive :exploding_head:, have you tried to run this on a MCU?

Yes, I did. I uploaded some works on github:

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Wow, that amazing!