PumpMonitor : small ernergy monitor


I build this application mostly to monitor my pool’s pump consumption to be warned if the filter is full. It’s a small project, quick and (no so) dirty programmed.
But, as it was so easy to do, I added the photoelectric production as well as my house global consumption.

Device :

  • LilyPI, esp32 powered with a nice 3’'5 touch screen.
  • Using Arduino IDE and my emToile framework on top of LVGL v7
  • totally asynchronous MQTT handling.

Result :


It will be a good code base to use this LilyPI as small dashboard and control panel for my small home automation :grinning:

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Great project!

Can you send a link to LilyPI? I found only eInk screens with this name.

I’ve checked the repo of emToile. Is it C++ wrapper to LVGL that makes it easier to use some features?

Here the commercial presentation by LilyGo and my own test in French :slight_smile:

Yes, emToile is a C++ wrapper with a subset of Lvgl v7 capabilities (subset because I implemented mostly what I’m using). But, everybody is open to add missing parts :slight_smile:

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Thank you for the link.

From the images it seems It seems LilyGo comes with “built-in” LVGL support. Really is it the case?

The LilyPI came with the lv_demo_widgets burned, but it’s fully a DIY product so it’s up to you to (fully) program your own project.
It seems it’s the same for all of their products (naked ESP32 board, PI, smartwatch, …) : as example
my own TWatch project.

They provided a “library” that embedded everything needed : chips drivers, lvgl, … but the problem is clearly to get documentation and tutorials … or even comments in source code :slight_smile:

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