Problems generating web pages with LVGL fonts

Hello everyone, today i have some problem in generating web page Online font converter - TTF or WOFF fonts to C array | LVGL with lvgl fonts, when i am using two different font files ttf i am not able to generate .C file which was working fine before that, please let me know how to solve this problem. Thanks!


Have you declared the correct scope for your language? and does your font support it?

Thanks for your reply, yes we have made the declaration and set it up as below, but when I click on “Convert” it never responds, when I only have a TTF/WOFF file, clicking on “Convert” generates the .c file.

In the code above, you have included the range from 0x20 to 0x7f, which is basic ascii, but for the code below, you have not added that range, I’m sure that’s the reason. Try searching for your language by unicode (Chinese unicode range) and add that range.

Here is an example of Vietnamese range, it works quite well for me

Yes, when I set up only one TTF/WOFF file as you did and it does not contain the Chinese range, it generates the file correctly, but if it contains the Chinese range, another problem occurs and the web page suggests that there is an error in my font file. That’s why I need to use two TTF/WOFF files. Thanks for your help!

like this?

roboto only supports chinese latin (i don’t know what it’s called) but on google fonts i found some fonts that can use chinese, you should try it

This is the Chinese language that roboto supports

Chinese that I found

and convert

Thank you for your reply, I’ll go to Google and look for font files that can display Chinese, thanks!