Problem with the simulator on the PC to recognize c with cedilla (ç)

Hello everybody.

I am trying to create an app on the PC and I can’t understand why I can’t capture characters in Portuguese.
I created a file with the font converter tool.
As can be seen in the image the button, the word configuration, which in Portuguese uses cedilla (ç) is correct.


In the text area where it is written çaaaaaaaa.
The first character ‘ç’ was written in the creation of the text area.

txSend = lv_textarea_create(flexSend);
lv_textarea_add_text(txSend, "ç");

The rest of the characters form writings in holding the ‘a’ various times.
In the image below in debug, it shows when I type ‘ç’.


Since I am not familiar as UTF8 conversion to ISO-8859-1 is treated internally in LVGL, someone can help me understand and solve this problem.

Thank you very much in advance.


PS: I was already forgetting, I’m using IDE Eclipse also in UTF8, if this information is needed.