Problem porting to STM32F446RE

Hello, I’m trying to port the LVGL library to STM32F446RE microcontroller.
I’m using STM32CubeIDE and I have downloaded the last release of the library (master), I followed the steps to port the library and I can compile a project with just the library alone without problem.
Then I started to write the LCD driver for an GC9A01 display and I found a problem with some LVGL types, in particular, when I use the static variable of type lv_disp_drv_t, this type is not recognized by the compiler and an error is raised (unknown type name lv_disp_drv_t) . On the file that uses this type, I have included “lvgl.h” header but the problem still, I tried also whit the 9.1 library with the same result, what am I missing? please help.

Are you sure , that in output folder you have lvgl .d and .o files and your project is setup ok?

I searched on the output files but I can’t find the lvgl.d and lvgl.o, I only found the lv_init.d and lv_init.o under project_folder\Debug\Drivers\lvgl\src, but the project compile and produce the .elf file.
Thank you

I mean all lvgl files no lvgl.o And elf is ofcourse produced when you use none lv func in code.

My problem is the type lv_disp_drv_t is missing, may be I have to include some other header, do you know where this type is defined?
Thank you


Thank you.